The Milmentes manifesto

We strongly believe that a great story, lies always behind every company.

Our approach is to work closely as a team with all our clients. This enables us to dig deep into the heart of that story.

Our main goal is to showcase our clients’ brand, their products, and services to help them communicate with their audience in a simple and engaging manner.



how we do it

We take pride in our process with a strong focus on providing superior customer service, timely delivery, and creating a video that engages with your audiences and drives conversion.

1. Brainstorming, concept

Here is where all the ground work is laid. It’s a moment to get to know you and uncover the amazing story behind your business.

2. Script

A great script is paramount for a successful video that your audience will love. Leave it to us, we’ll write for you a killer story.

3. Voiceover recording

An awesome voice will be picked from an amazing talent pool. He/she will read and record the message you wish to deliver.

4. Design concept

Our expert chefs will cook a visual style for your video. Whether it’s characters or graphics we’ll create eyecatching videos for you, everytime.

5. Storyboard

It’s kind of the comic book of your video. Each vignette will illustrate key frames of your video. This will give us a better idea of everything that happens on screen.

6. Illustration

Every character and graphic for each frame is illustrated to perfection. This is when your video starts taking shape.

7. Animation

Remember those awesome illustrations we just made for you? Well, now they move, yes, they move.

8. Sound editing

The right music will set the mood, while sound effects are the cherry on the cake.

Every Brand has a story

Our team of consultants collaborates with yours to create a strong brand with a focus on storytelling, providing the strongest foundation your Brand can be built upon.

We like working from the ground up, from planning the strategy to designing that business card that will impress your clients.

Brand Strategy

Communication Strategy

Get your story straight. Through a series of workshops we discover everything that’s great about your Brand, find out who your audience is and how you’ll get the word out. #tellyourstory

Brand Identity Design

We design every expression of your brand, from its visual appearance to its communications.

Creative Design

Everything to go along with that great Communication Strategy and Brand Identity we just made for you. Stationery, brochures, newsletters, and all those goodies you and your customers will love.